Pertz Sketches from Moscow to St. Petersburg
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Peter the Great Monument

              Swan Lake and the Moanastery of St. Sophia                Moscow Technical Insitute

Sparrow Hill Church, Moscow                                            Kievskaya Station

           The Moscow Circus                                           The Bolshoi

           St. Basil's                                                              In Red Square

Aong the Volga

Along the Volga

Birch trees along the Volga                       Cathedral in Uglich

Uglicj Cathedral from the pond

Yaraslavl Cathedral

Yaraslavl Monastery

Kishi Village waterfront and Mill

Tretyakov Gallery

The Plaza in front of the Hermitage

The Hermitage: a Gallery and the main stair

Hats in the Ethnographic Museum

Church of the Spilled Blood

Peterhof gardens and wing