Hi Everyone,

I am sure most of you have learned of the loss of my father, Pete Adams on the evening of Saturday 8/25. He was a complex man, with a passion for driving
fast and flying his new ultralight airplane. Of course he loved his dogs --
Chewie and Charlie. Pete, Mike, and I (oldest to youngest) learned of this
tragedy on Sunday 8/26, and we are in the process of honoring his memory next
Saturday 9/1 at 10am (Taos Country Club). More details will be posted on the
home page 8/30.

For those of you who are only learning about this now, I apologize for not
having your phone number or the time to contact you personally. It is a shock
and we're still trying to recover from our initial shock too.

Please accept this invitation to join our Google Group ( http://groups.google.com/group/peteadams )

dedicated to the life of Pete Adams. It's our hope that this will help all of us cope with his loss. Rather than hearing your stories and anecdotes, only to forget them in the fog of sadness and confusion, we hope you will join and share your thoughts with

other friends, family, classmates, pilots, Taosenos, etc.